Exercise in the woods Exercise in the woods
changing behavious - achieving your fitness goals Shirley Garrett, certified ACE health coach, health and fitness specialist

Shirley Garrett, Health and Wellness Coach (Certified ACE Health Coach)

Your Health Coach, Shirley Garrett, has been a certified Personal Trainer since 1994 and in 2001, earned her certification as a Clinical Exercise Specialist through the American Council on Exercise. Later, the name of that certification was changed to Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist. Recently, the A.C.E. certification of Health Coach was introduced and Shirley immediately spent a year preparing for her exam and certification - a natural fit for this member of the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and of the (now worldwide) initiative "Exercise Is Medicine".

Shirley has also completed her Professional Culinary Arts Diploma. She is the host and chef in a series of "healthy cooking" classes. These cooking classes promote and inspire participants with fresh, new ideas for healthy cooking and eating.

Early in her personal training career, Shirley worked in the "Post-Physiotherapy" and Injury Management areas of exercise. Her clients included those receiving benefits and support from Long Term Disability Insurance companies, Psychologists and their Physicians. As they recovered from injuries, illness and surgery and battled to overcome other health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress, exercise was used to improve their strength and mobility, to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, risk of falls, pain levels and increased their bone density, muscle tone, confidence, function and, of course, fitness.

We now understand that Food and Nutrition is an important health component so Shirley is committed continuing her education that enables her to coach her clients in everything "food" related as it pertains to a client's health, weight, shopping and eating habits. Her coaching services include cooking lessons and grocery shopping assistance.

Having been an avid athlete and very active youth, Shirley continues to participate in sports and activities such as running, cycling, scuba diving, fitness boxing and rollerblading. She is a supporter of anything that will help her clients become more active. She will help you explore your activity and exercise options and interests, whether they are mainstream sports, outdoor activities with your families or pets, indoor programs that may involve a more "social style" of group exercise, home-based programs or traditional gym fitness.

Shirley Garrett is the owner of Leaps & Bounds Personal Training & Clinical Exercise Inc. in White Rock/South Surrey. Her well-equipped studio and professional Training team are also available to help you develop the perfect program that will inspire you and keep you motivated to become and remain active and healthy.

Shirley's clients will attest to the fact that she is a huge fan of the outdoors and knows the local parks, trails, running and walking paths intimately. She is always happy to introduce the beautiful local natural resources to those who are interested in utilizing the assets of this beautiful community.

Exercise in the woods


"I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and my Doctor recommended that I see Shirley for help with my eating patterns and also for weight loss. I started..."

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Shirley Garrett, health and fitness specialist
changing behavious - achieving your fitness goals Shirley Garrett, certified ACE health coach, health and fitness specialist