Proactive Health Coach, Shirley Garrett, Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"Shirley's years of experience as a Personal Trainer and a Clinical Exercise Specialist give her the ability to work with clients who have health issues or physical pain problems and can still safely make progress in weight loss or strength training."

Cheryl D., client since 2004.

"I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and my Doctor recommended that I see Shirley for help with my eating patterns and also for weight loss. I started losing weight almost immediately and have learned how to cook meals that I enjoy very much."

W. R., client since 2010.

"After having 2 babies in 3 years I needed help adjusting my lifestyle routines and Shirley's expertise was exactly what I needed. She was creative as we designed exercises that I could do while out walking my dog and my kids. It was fun – and still is! I'm back in a healthy lifestyle thanks to Shirley's skills and patience."

Terri B., client since 2011.

"I was already doing well in my cycling groups, but I needed to improve my energy by eating and food shopping more wisely. Shirley Garrett is diligent about her continuing education every year and she understands that food and fitness are both equally important. Her knowledge of the basics of eating well is excellent and I can trust her to find helpful and easy ways for me to shop for groceries and make sure I have healthy food on hand for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

David S., client since 2007.

Shirley Garrett, Certified ACE Health Coach, Certified Clinicial Exercise and Personal Trainer, Chef

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Cycling is great outdoor exercise Functional Training - walking the dog is exercise!
walk with friends or with a group for exercise that is social and fun trees, benches, steps provide creative and fun ways to exercise outdoors