It’s important to understand that you will be accountable for your behaviors and your Health Coach will help you learn to accept the responsibility and the power for making sound decisions that will lead you in the directions you wish to go. You will also be accountable for the way you respond to obstacles as they occur.

A good working relationship with a health coach that you can trust is a safe and effective way to practice these important skills.

The way that we look at our lives, our health and our situations determine how we will feel and act. Remember that eating well and being active and exercising appropriately are not always easy. If it was easy, we’d all be doing it on our own and wouldn’t need help. Your Health Coach wants you to succeed even when you may feel depressed, angry or resentful because things are not the way you want them to be at this moment. You will learn how to change your “self talk” from negative to positive. You will receive the guidance and support it takes to change your understanding which, in turn, will give you the clarity, confidence and the tools to permanently change your desired health-behaviors. You WILL become able to replace your illogical, inaccurate thinking with factual thoughts upon which your healthy behavior can rest.