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Why should you consider a Health and Wellness Coach?

“Coaching” (in the non-athletic sense), has been developing as a valuable service since the 1990’s and has gained acceptance in numerous fields such as business, organizational and executive performance and now, in personal and lifestyle improvement.

Many adults experience pain from athletic pursuits or accidental injuries. We notice limited range of motion after injuries or years of sedentary jobs and lifestyles. Obesity due to poor eating habits and lack of activity is becoming a larger problem every year. We all wish to enjoy our life to its fullest potential and often it becomes apparent that we are unable to reach our lifestyle and weight management goals on our own.

Support, education and friendly guidance are a few of the reasons a health coach can be of value to you and your healthy lifestyle. Your Health Coach is trained, certified and experienced in helping to guide her clients toward their goals by assisting in the Goal Setting process. You will learn to set realistic and attainable goals.

You’ll become adept at taking stock of your eating habits and will learn how to make the best possible choices in the “fuel” you put into your body. And you’ll become comfortable learning to prepare most of your meals yourself, or together with your family.

Exercise is an essential component of life and health that will astound you as you notice changes in weight, strength, energy, the ability to function well in your daily activities and recreational pursuits. In a surprisingly short time, your sleep, moods, balance, posture and medical concerns such as blood pressure, blood sugar, heart health, etc. will be positively affected. Your Pro-Active Health Coach is:

  • Certified by the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches:  (Profile link: Shirley Garrett)
  • Certified as an American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) Medical Exercise Specialist with over 27 years of experience as a Personal Trainer: (Profile link: Shirley Garrett)
  • Chef – Professional Culinary Arts diploma/Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

Together you and your health coach will develop a plan that starts with an assessment of your health, lifestyle and fitness. You’ll set up a plan with initial goals that you will reach within a specific period of time. These may include any or all components of Exercise, Nutrition, Prioritizing your time and Pacing yourself to accommodate your new healthy lifestyle. As you accomplish your goals, re-assessments will help your Coach guide you into the next phase where you’ll find yourself approaching the lifestyle and health that you’ve been envisioning and working hard to achieve.

The Kitchen is my Laboratory and the Ingredients are my “Chemistry Set”

When I teach a cooking class, work with a Culinary Personal Training client, or even present lectures or classes to Healthcare Professionals who are seeking to become confident enough to prescribe more home cooking to their patients, it’s 99% [...]

Shirley Garrett, Proactive Health Coach

Proactive Health Coach


Proactive Health Coach

Shirley Garrett, NBC-HWC, Medical Exercise Specialist (A.C.E.), professional Chef and Culinary Coach has been a busy Personal Trainer since 1994, but evolved her practice to focus on all aspects of Lifestyle Medicine in 2003. Working together with Physicians and Psychologists, Shirley uses Health, Wellness and Culinary Coaching techniques, plant-based cooking classes and functional fitness programs to ensure that her clients will achieve their best possible physical and mental health outcomes.


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