I know what you’re thinking. Exercise?

Fitness/Exercise: As defined by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, “Regular and consistent physical activity that can be maintained on a regular basis throughout life………..is an essential piece of the optimal health equation.”

I have good news. When I say “exercise”, I mean Activity. Movement. Make a conscious effort to use your body and your energy to burn calories, keep your muscles and bones strong. You want to function well in your every day activities and far into the future.

Your Health Coach, Shirley Garrett has been a certified Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer since 1994. Specializing in creative exercise and activity programs that will appeal to each individual, Shirley owns a well equipped professional Personal Training gym, but is always ready to find places outdoors that will provide inspiration and will motivate her clients to look forward to combining their new healthy eating programs and a fun variety of activities to keep their weight in a healthy range. And sleep better. And enjoy a more productive life at work and at home.

As your Health Coach assesses your overall fitness, balance, level of motivation, exercise preferences, etc., you’ll have the opportunity to let your imagination run wild as you plan how to become more active and strong. There are no limits.

Remember that the best exercise you can do is the exercise that you WILL do!

When you’ve accepted that you are ready to get moving, Shirley will help you find the right place to do the things you enjoy and you’ll learn how to spend an adequate amount of time moving around at a pace that will burn the fat you wish to shed – or keep off. You’ll have the support and guidance of this experienced fitness professional and you’ll be on your way!

From sessions in a gym to a brisk walk in the forest you’ll start noticing all kinds of interesting places and opportunities to squeeze in a little extra exercise. Children’s playgrounds, hilly roads, bicycle paths, paddling classes, park benches…

If it’s fun you’ll do it. Your health coach will guide you as you find your way into fitness.