Chef, Shirley Garrett will host Online/virtual Cooking Classes for groups or private Culinary Training. When Covid19 restrictions are lifted, access to a professional Teaching Kitchen and Theatre are available in the South Surrey/White Rock area for live, onsite cooking classes and professionally led Lifestyle Medicine and Culinary Medicine community talks and presentations.

Culinary Medicine/Culinary Coaching – Online or In-Person

Your Health Coach will make your healthy eating and cooking a priority. Once your “typical” eating patterns have been assessed you join Shirley in reviewing your habits, lifestyle, food choices and preferences, the planning begins.

Based on healthy food, not supplements, you’ll learn everything you need to know about preparing most of your food yourself. From shopping for your groceries to making the best choices at a restaurant, you’ll learn exactly how to choose what’s right for you at that moment.

Then there’s portion size. It seems like a lot to remember, but one step at a time will make it easy and it will come naturally.

Culinary Medicine – Explores the link between Food and Health.

Culinary Medicine “blends the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine.” “Special attention is given to how food works in the body as well as to the socio-cultural and pleasurable aspects of eating and cooking. “

Learn important Culinary Medicine Skills that will provide you with essential planning, shopping, cooking and storage techniques so you can make daily healthy home-cooked meals a reality in your home. These techniques include Time Saving skills for Cooking and for Shopping. Learn how to stock a healthy and efficient Pantry and Freezer so you’ll always have Staple ingredients available for a full meal that’s ready in 30 minutes or less. Learn which basic Kitchen Tools and Equipment will work best for you, your family and your healthy cooking plans. Become comfortable using healthy Vegetables, Legumes and Grains in most recipes and meals that you make. Batch-Cook a variety of your favorite ingredients and then learn how to save time and money as you Re-Purpose them from Dinner to Lunch or from Dessert to Breakfast, for example.

When you become confident and consistent in using your Culinary Medicine Skills, you’ll eliminate the frustration of scrambling for a healthy meal when time is short. You’ll experience the joy of having ingredients and ideas at your fingertips for healthy delicious meals on a regular basis.


Your Pro-Active Health Coach will collaborate with your Physician or Dietitian to ensure that your personal nutritional needs are being met and that you will indeed achieve your best possible health by learning, implementing and sustaining appropriate and essential behavior changes for your best lifelong health and wellness.

As a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Shirley Garrett can provide you with access to the most up-to-date science-based Data, Research and Resources that will assure you that you’re employing your best possible Lifestyle Medicine activities: cooking, eating, stress-management and physical activity for your personal health and wellness goals.