Shirley Garrett has completed her Professional Culinary Arts Diploma. In partnership with Leaps & Bounds Personal Training and Clinical Exercise, Shirley is the host and chef in a series of “healthy cooking” classes. These cooking classes promote and inspire participants with fresh, new ideas for healthy cooking and eating.


Your Health Coach will make your healthy eating and cooking a priority. Once your “typical” eating patterns have been assessed you join Shirley in reviewing your habits, lifestyle, food choices and preferences, the planning begins.

Based on healthy food, not supplements, you’ll learn everything you need to know about preparing most of your food yourself. From shopping for your groceries to making the best choices at a restaurant, you’ll learn exactly how to choose what’s right for you at that moment.

Then there’s portion size. It seems like a lot to remember, but one step at a time will make it easy and it will come naturally.

Remember that the foods you eat are the fuel that you’re putting into your “sports car” body. The more fuel you burn, the more fuel you can consume. And the quality of that fuel is also important. It’s not just about the number of calories.

You will learn how to make the best choices when you’re selecting your ingredients. Pro-Active Health Coach strives to keep their clients well informed of local food producers, growers, retailers, etc. Your Health Coach will also provide seasonal information about where to find and how to use fresh, seasonal food so you get the most value when it comes to nutrition and your budget. Up to date research articles will also be posted online so you’ll know how to decide when to buy Organic, how to combine different food groups to ensure the best vitamin absorption, etc.

If you have health concerns, we can refer you to a Registered Dietitian who will review your needs and help plan your meals accordingly.