Proactive Health Coach offers a wide variety of important services for those who have made the decision to achieve better health, fitness and food related skills and habits.

After an initial complimentary consultation, you and your Health Coach will develop a plan that will include setting realistic and achievable goals in the following areas:

General Lifestyle & Exercise: Your first paid session will include a comprehensive assessment and review of your lifestyle, your health and exercise history. Any current medical issues will be addressed. Based on this information, we may require your Physician’s approval before continuing.

A Fitness Assessment, including Aerobic, Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, Endurance and Balance components will be conducted in a semi-private personal training studio if you are located in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area.

Food Planning, Shopping, Preparation: A detailed Food Diary will be examined and, following that, your Health Coach will assist you in learning how to make adjustments and changes to your eating, shopping and cooking routines.

Your Health Coach will provide everything you need in learning how to plan, shop for, and prepare healthy, delicious meals and snacks that are consistent in helping you achieve and maintain healthy weight. You may have your Coach accompany you on your grocery shopping outings and you can enjoy private cooking lessons in your own home or participate in small, interactive Cooking Classes in a local commercial “teaching kitchen”.

If you have any food related health issues that should be addressed prior to embarking on this program, your Health Coach can refer you to a Registered Dietitian for further counseling and assistance.

PRE-PAID PER-SESSION RATES will (or can) include:

  • Weekly face-to-face Coaching sessions to assess progress, plan and schedule various activities required to achieve your goals. If you are not local to the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area, sessions can be conducted “online” or via “Zoom”.
  • Personal Training exercise sessions can be conducted weekly or as often as required as you learn to make regular exercise a part of your healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Sessions specifically related to Food – shopping, cooking, nutritional coaching and even hands-on cooking lessons in your own home can be purchased during any given month in your pre-paid monthly coaching package.