This morning I met with a client who, about a year ago, began meeting with me for weekly Coaching sessions. His long-term Goals included a significant amount of weight loss for better mobility, reduced pain and generally better health.The Power of Three

This morning, he told me: “Today is my day of triumph!”

This gentleman’s weekly goals over the past year included exercise, more home-cooked meals (read: less takeout and fast food) made with fresh ingredients and improved management of his sleep and stress levels.

When he used the word “triumph” today, it took me by surprise. It’s not a word that I use – or hear being used very often. By coincidence, I’ve been working on updating my business website, brochures, programs and the marketing of my Health Coaching/Fitness/Culinary Medicine services. I’m very aware of the “3-sided” aspect (a triangle, in fact) of the Lifestyle Medicine services I provide to my clients, specifically: Fitness/Food/Mindfulness
3 words. And when my client used the word triumph It seemed like a coincidence that I wanted to explore.

So I explored:

We are programmed to respond well to, and to recall concepts that are presented in “groups of 3”. Our very existence revolves around Land, Water, Air. As very young children we learn the importance of Stop, Look, Listen. What about Blood, Sweat and Tears? Or Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?

Apparently, the word TRIUMPH is ancient and indeed the “3 or TRI” is significant. By its original definition, “triumph” meant: to PROCEED, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED.

Health & Wellness Coaching is all about Proceeding, Achieving and Succeeding. With the support of a Health & Wellness Coach or a Culinary Coach, you can triumph over your health, your weight and eating habits. You can move on to excellent health with confidence and emerge Triumphant!

Making Health & Wellness Lifestyle changes is not easy for most people. As a Coach I see that every day. If change was easy, people wouldn’t struggle with Behavior Change. We wouldn’t need a personal trainer or a coach. We’d all just go ahead and make the changes. And theoretically, we’d enjoy excellent health, good sleep, we’d eat well every day and we’d be comfortable with ourselves exactly the way we are. But it’s not always that easy.

To triumph over your health, weight, mental/emotional wellbeing you can collaborate with your Health & Wellness Coach who will support and help you as you set your goals to facilitate your own TRIUMPH!